Supported Sites

Custom-site Feature

Come across a site which isnt supported? We've developed a user-friendly terminal to allow you to quickly and efficiently add any site which you wish! Pushing the boundaries remains at the forefront with users hitting any site and cooking releases which no other bot supports!


Simplified & Seamless Raffle Entries

Multithreaded raffle entries combined with browser and request modes for full user customisation and site support.

Full Customisation on Entry Data

Fully customise your raffle entry details with ease and efficiency, bypassing filtering methods and having full control over your entries.

In-house Tools

Exclusive access to KicksTools for full support allowing you to create fully optimised and reliable tasks.

24/7 Support and Updates

Running at the front of anti-bot updates and underpinned with 24/7 server support; creating a user friendly environment.

Custom-site Compatibility

User-friendly terminal to allow you to quickly and efficiently add any site which you wish! Quickly add any site which you wish.

In-house Monitors

Never miss flash raffles and receive notifications direct from our in-house monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We are currently closed for groupbuys, if we are open for applications this will be through our Twitter.

Yes, we support sites from across the world, from Australia to the USA allowing for full regional-support

KicksRaffleBot currently only supports Windows 8 and 10.

Restocks and giveaways are announced on our Twitter: @KicksRaffleBot

The retail price is £150 and then a renewal fee of $20 per month.